Your reflection = Your Path?

Here is a little idea.


Your reflection

If you ask a person who do you see when you look in the mirror, they probably say something  like “me” or something  like ” i see myself”.

So if you ask a person who they are, who they really are, a lot will be puzzled, if you ask them why they even exist in this world, what are they here to do, a good amount of people won’t be able to answer his question.

So when they look in the mirror a lot of people see someone, not there self but someone waiting to be discovered deep down

When a person understands and knows why they exist, why they are here, a path for them will start to clear away from the mist.

A path especially suited for them, and uniquely only for them.


Who do you see when you look into the mirror?

Do you know why you exist?

Why do you do what you even do, do you even know why?

Start self reflecting and your going to start finding information worth gold about yourself


Good luck.

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The way you are and the cause

Your environment, think about the areas of your life and the quality of it do you like it, do you dislike it, are you ok with it or are you just settling for the way it is, because you don’t know how to go about changing it or don’t believe you can change it.

You see everyone’s environment is a reflection of them, there inward concept of there life and belief of it, is completely and totally expressed outwardly making your environment.

Everyone has a self concept about themselves and they act in alignment with that self concept, for example there are two people, person 1 and person 2. Person 1 is quite loud and finds it easy to talk to people and then there’s person 2  who is quite quiet, they also find it difficult to talk to others.

These are  two completely different people but the only reason why person 1 is the way he/she is, is because they see themselves to be that kind of person, so they act like that, same goes for person 2.

However if person 2 wants to be able to speak to others easily  just like how person 1 does, they need to change there self concept about themselves, they need to change the way they see and believe themselves to be, so it takes inwardly change to cause external change first.



You need to change your belief’s about your self, one way to do this you are going to doing affirmations. Affirmations are just positive statements about yourself and make sure they are present tense.

So person 2 needs to have a positive statement about talking to others, for example it could be ” I talk to others easily” it could be,” I easily interact with others” it doest have to what i say,or use the statements i’m using, its best to make up your own but you get the idea.

So your going to use this affirmation to over-ride the belief you have about yourself and then the affirmation will become a new belief and you will act accordingly in alignment with it, naturally it wont take any effort and it will be your natural new you behaviour.


Now when repeating affirmations, you can do it anywhere, so you can start using it when your getting dressed or while your walking or travelling on the tube, while doing this you will actually be doing something productive instead of just waiting until you get towards your destination.

With time of how long it takes to start working is unknown, so you will have to continually keep doing until you see the results and when you do start seeing the results, this means that the affirmation has now become a new belief, you’ve got about yourself and you will start acting in alignment with it.

Usually the stronger your belief about a certain thing, the more time it will take to install a new belief in its place, while other beliefs you have about yourself might not be so strong, so this will usually take less time to over -ride and install a new belief in it place.





Hope this helps anyone who reads it.