Accelerating experience idea’s

Some basic application to develop more experience in something but i feel like it is over looked and not given the importance it needs





Applications to apply


  1. Productivity-

If you start becoming more productive and you start working on the field you want to gain experience in, by becoming more productive you will be able to do more, so that means you get do more activities, complete more responsibility’s, whatever you need to do to gain experience in the field you want.

But if you look at unproductive people, people who aren’t as driven, some who are lazy, some who can’t stick to one task and complete it. Because when they’re doing a task they might start going on their phone, doodling around and it ends up taking them ten times longer to complete it.

By comparison between the two the one whose productive and the one who isn’t, you can tell that the more productive one is going to accomplish more, leaving him with more completed actives in his arsenal, giving him more things to look back over in the future.

Meaning more experience.

 2. Immerse yourself in the subject

Reading books

Now by reading books you are being more of an active learning and your submerging  your brain with this particular subject or craft,  giving you a better understanding of it and with a better understanding of your craft, you can usually excel at it and pick things up faster.

Self reflecting

When performing or executing your craft , there are something’s which we usually miss, maybe you rush things, think to narrowly, whatever it is. Always self reflect back on what you’ve done and think if you’ve missed anything, or think the next time I do it, how can i make it better.

With this mindset you start seeing things which you’ve missed, you start putting yourself at a different view point.

Showing you more of what’s already there.





My opinion on pateince


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Patience can be tricky, don’t you think?

When your going for a goal or working towards it, you want to see the results and people say be patient but here’s the other side of patience.

Patience can also be a bad thing in a way,

What i mean is have you ever said to yourself in the past, that i was too patient or i should of done or did something different  sooner.

Its not about being patient ,its about knowing when to stop what your doing and try something else when trying to reach a goal, i remember when i was trying to reach a goal of mine, i was patient and was working towards, though i was frustrated at times i reminded myself to be patient and wait for the results.

But they never came and when i stopped doing what i was doing and tried something else my results escalated alot.

Yet i was patient working towards my goal yet i wasn’t getting any results.

So its this its not about being patient and waiting, its about knowing when to stop what your doing or to keep going.



Never Conform

Conformity is one of the most frequent things people do don’t you think?

People conform to the ideas of others, they conform and behave similar to the ideas people have about you.

Yet when people want to change or improve their life, its often met by the rejection and negativity of others thinking, that they shouldn’t act out of character, or they should stay the same as they are, they should’t be more assertive, courageous, etc…

Or if someone has a really big dream they want to make, its often met by doubt or laughter.

However you will have to go through rejection, doubt of others or people not liking what your doing in order to change and push through your own barriers

But once done the rewards will be great.





Whats always together?

What do you think you think every human being has and is always together with?

Alot of things we have are temporarily, wouldn’t you agree?

Your car, TV, laptop, etc…

But whats always together with you

Deep down inside you there lies the essence of who you are, regardless of how much you act differently or think your something else, the essence of you will always be together with you.

People can potentially steal a lot from you, but not the essence of who you are.

Are you letting the essence of who you really are being expressed, is it sometimes, if so whats the cause or situation where you don’t express it in?

One thing i know for sure when expressed, the world and everything seems better . 🙂




Inspired to do this blog by today’s daily prompt

How do you approach what you want to do?


I was reading a post called Spot light by

Deniz Yalım

And it is true what she says in her post

Alot of people do think of what they want to do,

However people miss out on some stuff

Alot never think how they can be good at it, i think when people want to be good at something they think to narrow

What i mean is think of the job/role or purpose you want to do and then think of how can i become really good at it.


Usually there are foundations of skills needed to become or be able to do what you want to do.

So if a business person wants to be good in business, this person needs to cultivate the skills requiring in that field to obtain or do a better job at it.

Meaning being able to persuade someone, listen, communicate, resilience

These are just some skills they need but how many of them purposely cultivate them to a higher level, rather then just using it or learning it in the process.

How many read books on being able to persuade someone better or try purposely learning to become more resilient.

By purposely identifying what skills required in doing what you want to do and then cultivating them to a higher level, will allow you to just naturally perform at a higher level and be better at what you do

Something you may want to think about



The King carries the horse?

The King carries the horse?



Throughout history and stories the horse carries the king.

The horse carries the king and lends the king its strength

However now a days its the opposite.

The horse being the mind, the king being you


Most people let there mind crush them, they let there mind rush through doubt when trying to do something, they simply let there mind tell them no and they follow.

See the purpose of the mind is to be used for you, to help you figure out your problems or solutions or how to do things.

When trying to do something and there not confident about it doubt starts rushing and when a person follows the doubt, they carry the horse, the horse doesn’t know where its going or where it wants to go.

If you carry the horse, it will lead you nowhere but bad.

The horse will try to take over you the second you become weak, the second you start doubting or you start to become unsure about things.

Keep the horse in its place and you’ll travel far.

Let the horse out of control and you’ll carry it and yourself to despair.


Now answer this

Who’s been carrying who, all this time?


Running nowhere

Trying to get somewhere

Sometimes when we want to improve our life, the current conditions we try and  yet little progress seems to be made, your doing all the right things externally but its still not quite showing up the results you want.


You see when a person has been in a unpleasant situation for a very long time no matter what it is, ( unconsciously)they start to form a mental attachment to it, since that’s all they know, its been dominating their lives and they gotten so used to it that they sort of bonded with it mentally. Since they’ve experienced it for so long they don’t realize.

What you got to do is to break it, break that bond with it mentally and form a bond mental bond with what you want, the good you want.

By doing this your erasing the mental chains you put on yourself that was preventing you from getting or experiencing what you wanted


And with this gone, the progression with what you want will seem to come much easier.

Since the invisible chains that hold you in place will no longer be there.

And if you don’t remove these chains its going to be extremely hard and the likely outcome will be you running nowhere



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Ian Kalaj


I’m a good person so why does …….







Have you ever said this?



You see when a person thinks that to receive good you need to do good , yet people misunderstand this and by that all these bad things just keep recouring but in a different variation. Same thing really just a different varation throughout their lives

You see regarless of who you are, what comes to you is what you think about and what you believe about yourself

You see in the past I was wondering why all these bad things kept happening to me, I was wondering why for some reason where ever I go I was always getting nasty people in my life, yet Im a good person thinking why is this happening to me.

It has NOTHNG to do with if your a good person, you become what you think about, thinking is just like wishing, most people wish for the stuff they don’t want

Strange but true

And you beliefs attract to you what you believe about yourself,

If a person believes that he keeps getting people he likes in his life, he will get what he believes, whether he wants it or not

If a person believes that people they dont like keep coming to their life, they will get it regardless if they want it or not

Yet people say I’m a good person, being good doesn’t cut it

They say it and look what they get

Maybe they should start reevaluating themselves.

So if you read this I hope this helps and helps you in anyway
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