What they don’t tell you about confidence


Do you know what about a person that makes them confident?


There are other factors, influencing  a persons confidence such as belief in themselves or environment that there in, also there self concept and how they see themselves to be, however there is one which isn’t really mentioned.

And that is..





A correlation of how much a person likes and love themselves


Usually when a person likes and loves themselves alot this generates high self esteem, since it shows appreciation towards themselves.

For example, do you remember a time in your life when a person really appreciated you, someone admired you or said a good things about you, when this happens a person starts to feel good about themselves and when a person starts to feel good about themselves, they start to feel confident about themselves.

So the more you start to like and love yourself, the more confident you will be in yourself.

Giving you higher self esteem and with a higher self esteem the quality of your life will improve.


A person who lacks appreciation of themselves.

Will withhold themselves from opportunity and will take disrespect from others.

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I remember reading a book and i remember reading something interesting, it said that, ” A person will only let the other person abuse them as much as they abuse themselves”

So if you don’t really appreciate yourself, you will be more vulnerable to have someone disrespect you and you will only take as much as you abuse yourself.


So ask yourself this, what can i do to start to appreciate myself more.

And for alot of people Two main things need to happen

  1. They need to let go of the past and there mistakes
  2. They need to cut out the negative story or false idea they have about themselves, because every time you say something or think something negative about yourself, you will start to reinforce it and believe it and demonstrate those qualities.


Whatever you decide to do after reading this is up to you, but remember this


A person will only let the other person abuse them as much as they abuse themselves



A Simple method to get stuff done!


When we have to do something whether its completing a project or trying to finish off a book. Do you ever keep postponing it or get lazy and end up doing something else?

For me, i was struggling to finish off a book which i should have completed long ago, i was reading very few pages and was going through the book way too slowly. Now I’m sure people can relate to this in their own different way. We all have stuff we should complete but end up leaving it for tomorrow and so on and the cycle continues.

So instead of putting it to the side, here’s how to get it done quick.

So here it is.


Set a date on when to finish it.

By setting a date when to finish it by, it will give you something you can work towards, something you can track and as the date gets closer, you’l start to feel the pressure, this will help propel you and motivate you to complete it.

Since without a deadline or date to complete it by, we start taking advantage of the time we have and don’t really give it its importance but with a deadline and the nearer it gets to it, what you work on starts to have value and hold importance on making you much more likely to work on it and complete it.

Add more pressure.


Now some people might be confused  about adding more pressure.

What i mean is this, if for example, you set a date to finish reading a book on a certain time, you might want to add more pressure by ordering another book that will come the next day after your deadline which you will schedule to read.

Now with this, you will become even more propelled to finish the book by the deadline, since you will have something else you will have to work on or complete and people don’t like to be overflowed with tasks, this will help force you to complete what you are currently doing to help keep you on top of  things.

A habit which can do alot for you

A habit that can do alot for you


Action, the habit of action serves a person well, for the one that takes action saves themselves alot of time.

I’m sure with everyone, we usually post pone things we want to do for our own reasons but the person who has the habit of action to do it now, to achieve it, or to get going on it always accomplishing it and finishes it, far before the one who postpones it.

The one who postpones it may never actually ever do it, they may ponder about it having it in their imagination but they usually wait to long and slowly they let it go and never end up doing it.

However there is a chance that they will end up doing it but that usually takes months, sometimes years for them.

The habit of action is one of the best habits a person can have and one that will serve a person most well.


An important lesson for affirmation users

Coming up with the right affirmations

From my personal experience with affirmations, I’ve learnt that you should make and use an affirmation which feels good and when you do this, the affirmation will be effective and install more quickly.

Now the mistakes i made when using affirmations , was that i made one too quickly, since i wanted to get started on getting rid of the negative belief i had.

So at first when i started to use the affirmation , it felt good, however soon after i didn’t feel good when i was used it, i wouldn’t feel anything when i used the affirmation, i stopped feeling the positive emotion i would feel when i first started using it but i still carried on using the affirmation  and after a certain amount of time, when i would say the affirmation, i wouldn’t feel good, something about it felt wrong and i wasn’t getting any results.

So its important to pick the right affirmation so when you use it, you will get results, instead of making one which isn’t right for you and using it would be ineffective

So i made a technique to help and figure it out, if it is the right affirmation for you to use and it will save you time.

Step 1 – Identify what affirmation you want to install into your subconscious mind.

Step 2- Write down about 5 variations of that affirmation, so if it was about happiness it could be

” I’m a happy person”

” I’m filled with joy”


If you find an affirmation that feels good, from the 5 affirmations that you’ve came up with, don’t start using it the same day, but come back to it the next day.

Step 3 – Re read the affirmations you made and see if the affirmation you made still makes you feel good, like when you read it on the day before, if you still feel good from reading the affirmation you made, then that affirmation is the right one for you.