Bitterness towards someone…..

Bitterness towards someone can be easy to fall into. Where they did not keep their word, betrayed you or whatever. Usually leaves you with hate and blame





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but the truth is, hate and blame will not help  you.

Yes it will make you feel better

but it wont help you toward your goal, the exam your trying to pass, obstacle your trying to overcome, or skill your trying to acquire.

No amount of blame and hate can help you toward your goal.

So if you step back and look at what bitterness is, its just a person alone, pouting about what a person did and with no positive effect.

so are you still going to be bitter?

or you can

Instead use that energy too propel you toward your goal, instead of getting upset about what he or she did. use that energy to use it towards something that will help.

Since small, little changes or adjustments make a huge difference.




One bad thing to be controlled by.

Fear, fear is one of the things a person should never be controlled by, when a person makes decisions out of fear, they are constantly worrying.

Motivated by fear, it will cling deeply to your mind, as if you let it control your actions, you will be constantly walking around with an aura of being frightened.

Making you conform, taking away your happiness and peace of mind.


Which is no way a person should live, as it slowly deteriorates the standards of your life.




Soon enough you will be living miserably, with sadness.


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But once you are able to break from it and confront or do what you fear, you will be set free.